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General Info

What is an Erasmus+ project?

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. It runs for seven years, from 2014 to 2020, with organizations invited to apply for funding each year to undertake creative and worthwhile activities. Erasmus+ aims to modernize education, training and youth work across Europe. It is open to education, training, youth and sport organizations across all sectors of lifelong learning, including school education, further and higher education, adult education and the youth sector.

inDigital has been funded under the key Action 2: Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training of the Erasmus+ programme.

Project card

Title: InDigital - Inclusive digital competence training for labor market risk groups

Start date: 01-09-2021

End date: 01-01-2024

Participating countries: 2

Project reference: 2022-1-BG01-KA210-VET-000084442

EU Grant: 60 000 €

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Objectives & Phases

The project aims to improve training opportunities for adults without digital skills, the unemployed and young people outside

education or employment, by providing innovative and flexible training in basic digital competences. The objective of the project is related to initiatives for the development of flexible and targeted VET programs, which contribute to overcoming the existing gaps in access to education for adults of working age to successfully find employment.

The partner organizations will join forces to develop inclusive training in basic digital competencies, integrating digital and flexible learning methods that will be integrated into the work of both organizations and used effectively in the future. All products will be freely shared with partner and training organizations so that they can be used to support people with few opportunities and risk groups.


The project includes consistent and interrelated phases:

1. Conducting a study to identify specific training needs in basic digital skills and develop a conceptual framework

2. Development of curricula and training materials on basic digital competencies

3. Conducting a workshop for testing the trainings

4. Dissemination of project results

Project Partners

Association for Social Support and Information (Bulgaria)

Association for Social Support and Information is a not-for-profit organization, working in Bulgaria since 2008.

The Association works with risk groups in the community, which include the unemployed, youth out of education and employment, people with disabilities. The focus of its activity is development and implementation of trainings for the professional education center of the Association, related to meeting the sought-after professions on the labor market, as well as trainings on key competencies that motivate and increase the knowledge of the target groups.

A major part of the work of the training center team is to analyze and respond to the needs of the labor market when developing the training programs. In this connection, there are also the identified needs for increasing digital skills, which in recent years has gained particular importance in society and in the workplace.


A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd. (CYPRESS)

A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd (EMPHASYS) is a company established with the vision to offer high quality lifelong learning opportunities and digital solutions that address the needs of learners of all ages and abilities to enhance their lives, ensure inclusion, access and participation in the digitalized society and the labor market. The partner has implemented numerous projects related to increasing the knowledge of the unemployed, motivation and activities related to their adaptation to the requirements of the labor market. In this regard, EMPHASIS is looking for opportunities to develop new programs to meet both the demand from the unemployed and people without digital skills, as well as the needs of training organizations to use flexible and inclusive training materials for their learners.

EMFASYS aims to promote digital transformation and green transition for a sustainable future. EMPHASYS is a member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN) and the CONNECT-INTERNATIONAL network.

Traning Resourses



Google_PDF_Logo InDigital Newsletter 1

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The InDigital project is in its final phase - multiplier events in December 2023 in Bulgaria and Cyprus

To promote the project results among the target group, the final phase of the project included the organization of two multiplier events with 24 participants from Bulgaria and Cyprus. During the one-day events, the project objectives and achievements, the modular trainings on basic digital skills, the manuals for teachers were presented. The multiplier events were attended by teachers working with the target groups, adults without digital skills, long-term unemployed, young people who are out of education, training and employment. The results of the survey showed very high participant satisfaction and appreciation for the relevance of the learning materials. Information about the results and products developed by the project was also disseminated through social networks (Facebook page of the project) and on the websites of the partner organizations.


Workshop for validation of the modular trainings’ resources

In November and December 2023, live and on-line events (workshops) were held in Bulgaria and Cypress to present and validate the results achieved - developed curricula and training manuals on basic digital skills. As a result of the implementation of this activity, the following results were achieved:
- Workshop events were held by the partners (1 event with 18 trainers in Bulgaria and 2 events with 26 trainees and 16 trainers in Cyprus) to present the trainings on basic digital competences;
- Approved curricula and materials with the participation of a total of 60 representatives of the target group - trainers, mentors, psychologists, including those working with adults without digital skills, long-term unemployed, young people who are out of education and employment;
- Improved information on the digital competences of the target group.


Second transnational meeting conducted in Nicosia, Cypress

The Second Transnational Meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus
on the 29th of November 2023 at the premises of Emphasys Centre.
During the meeting the partners discussed the finalisation of the
activities, particularly the upcoming workshops for both learners
and adult trainers that will be involved. Specifically, each
partner will involve 15 Trainers and 25 Learners during the workshops.
After, the next topic of discussion was the Multiplier Events, that
will take place in both countries and before closing the meeting,
a large portion of the time was dedicated to the Dissemination
and sustainability of the project!

second meeting

Training modules in digital competences for the target groups

In the framework of this activity, experts developed an innovative curriculum for training in two basic digital competences. The developed modules may also be combined in different trainings to meet the needs and interests of adult learners. The partners developed training modules on four topics corresponding to the needs/requirements of the target groups (adults without digital skills, unemployed, youth out of education, training and employment). The materials can be used by trainers, mentors as well as adults for self-learning. As a result of the implementation of the activity the following results have been achieved:
- Developed two training curricula on basic digital competences, each with two training modules - "Information, data literacy and digital content creation" and "Communication and collaboration and digital safety".
- Created two types of training materials for basic digital competences, each with two training modules - "Information, data literacy and digital content creation" and "Communication and collaboration and digital safety".
- Promotion of the platform on social networks to reach a maximum number of representatives of the target group.

Google_PDF_Logo Training modules in digital competences for the target groups.

Transnational meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

The first transnational meeting of the project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria.
It was attended by the experts Demetra Orthodoxou (Project manager of Emphasys),
Gea Holechkova, Nina Spasova and Dimitar Georgyev (Association for Social Support and Information).
During the meeting, project activities were discussed, including the upcoming development of training modules,
testing of the materials, dissemination among target groups and ensuring online accessibility.
Good practices in Erasmus+ project implementation were discussed,
and good project management and accountability were exchanged.

second meeting

Training needs analysis reports - key findings

The project partners prepared analyses based on the surveys conducted in Bulgaria and Cyprus. The questionnaires for adult learners in Bulgaria were distributed on the territory of Stolichna Municipality, Sevlievo Municipality, Tryavna Municipality, Dryanovo Municipality and Ihtiman Municipality to 70 people (aged 18-65), who represent members of the target group - unemployed, young people out of education or training, migrants. The questionnaire for trainers of adults was distributed among 20 experts who lead/provide trainings or consultations for the target group (digital and other competences, motivational trainings, basic skills, mentors). The national survey is based on the completed questionnaires of 12 experts from Bulgaria. The main findings will be used as a basis for further development of specific trainings targeting adults with no or low digital skills: The knowledge and skills of the target group cover the minimum requirements for basic digital skills presented in the main areas - digital content creation, communication and collaboration, safety, problem solving, which would be of significant benefit according to the current labour market requirements. Participants in the study use information technology, which makes it possible and appropriate to develop interactive training materials such as case studies or self-study materials, which will contribute to more effective engagement of participants in trainings. Trainers of older people and mentors highlight the main possible features in the design of trainings (including digital skills) - interactive teaching methods are introduced and actively used, online training materials, various Internet methods for presenting. When designing training for adults, it is crucial to include techniques and topics for learner motivation and engagement, which can be a prerequisite for the successful delivery of training and the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills.

Basic skills training needs analysis

The partners have started working on the first activity of the project, namely the basic skills training needs analysis of the target groups. As a first step towards its development, the InDigital partners conducted two types of survey - for trainers and mentors and for adult learners (adults without digital skills, long-term unemployed, young people who are out of education, training, and employment). The results of the survey will help tailor future training material to build capacity and identify a common skills framework. Find the national reports for Bulgaria and Cypress in Section Resource on our website.

First project kick-off meeting

In October 2022, the teams of the partners Social Support and Information Association (Bulgaria) and A&A Emphasys (Cyprus) held the first joint project meeting. Organizational and expert meetings will be held monthly to prepare for the middle steps of the project. A project website has been launched in line with the communication and dissemination plan.